Getting ready for the final test – Week 5


I will start this post by saying that I really enjoyed playing the game at the beta presentation, the crowd laughed, applauded, everything went great.

As usual, I will show you the current state of the game:


The game is almost complete. The days that remain are for polishing this gem. I will talk about what was added, since the last post, and what I will continue working on.

There is a beautiful sound that can be heard when you’re getting close to a spider:

I had some fun creating this sound. It’s not very original, I recorded it more as a joke to use it as a placeholder and I realized that I really like it and it fits the tonality.

The next I did was adding some feedback to the berry. We use the berry as a “handle” to destroy the unbreakable objects. Since we use the unbreakable objects more as a doors, I added a stone door being opened.


Another sound I added was a ripping sound. Destroying a spider web sounds like tearing up some paper, right?

During our last playtest, some players did not understand how our dash works. In order to deal with that, we modified the speed of the dash so yo can clearly see when the avatar dashes. Now, how do we show the player that he is supposed to press “X” to get through some obstacles? We changed the start of the level, introducing some kind of tutorial area, where the player is introduced to all of the mechanics of the game. Also, we changed our rule of having no HUD. The very first breakable object displays a hint. Our first attempt of teaching the players the mechanics, was a screen with the controls. Players seemed to skip that, understandable, reading is boring (at least in games), so we had to adapt.


Yellow – Get the power up from the flower, (the blue square). Power up unlocks the dash which destroys the object

Orange – Get the berry in order to destroy the unbreakable object.

Red – Deadly obstacles, they have a red tint

Blue – Spider-web, also destroyable and triggers the spider

So, in 15 seconds, the players is introduced to every mechanic from the game. The rest is designing the level in a way which isn’t repetitive or boring.

This is the hint I was talking about earlier.


Sorry for the quality.

We will continue polishing the game and try to deliver the best experience.

Thank you for the read!




2 thoughts on “Getting ready for the final test – Week 5

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  2. Good post, but scattered. You started with talking about the sound you recorded and the jumoed straight into the tutorial level design. Something to mark that you have changed the subject would help. I found myself having to re-read the blog just to make sure i didn’t miss something. I don’t know if this is because of your writing style or my own intelligence (or lack of).

    Anyway. The sounds are fine and i have nothing to add to that.

    You described the tutorial level well and gave some concrete visuals to show what you said, however, the way you seem to indicate deadly obstacles may be too vauge. Only giving it a weak tint is not alot of information for the player. Either make the tint a more contrasting colour or give the obstacle some strong visual clue so the player recognizes it immediatley.
    Otherwise the tutorial level is a great idea and will help your game immensley.

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