Adding new sounds – Week 4

Hello and welcome to my blog.

This Monday we had the beta playtesting where we had to show our improved game since the last playtesting. The feedback was a lot better than the last one due to the fact that, people actually gave us a feedback on the things we already had implemented into the game, instead of writing what they would like to see.

I was pleased to see that we got a really positive feedback regarding the sounds in the game. Now that the we are getting closer and closer to the final deadline, we need to keep polishing what we have so people will get to experience the best version of our interpretation of Echo.

I will, as usual post a picture that shows the current state of the game.


There are still some features that you will get to see at the beta presentation.

I didn’t do as much as I thought this week, due to the fact that my Unity keeps on crashing and my computer gets a blue screen. Moving on, I had to do some pitch changes and keep on trying new sounds, and see how all of them blend in together.

The moth’s actions are limited by its stamina. Bumping into an obstacle, in the game, makes the moth lose some of its stamina so, we had to implement some kind of feedback. For now, I added this sound. I think it kind of warns the player and it also feels like a comic relief.

Also, a breakable object has been added! (The brownish thingy). The object can be broken by dashing into it. Naturally, it felt like we needed some sound for the dash, since it became such an important feature. Also, we had some feedback requesting sound for the dash.

Since the moth currently does not have a “wings flap” sound, I felt like it needed to be added. I ended up on removing that, due to the fact that it became really annoying have that sound in the background, even in a low pitch. Tried making it slower, it was still annoying.

Most of the sounds were implemented the same way as the last week. Basically, it’s a function that plays the sound when the action is being triggered. Action happens -> sound is played.

This sums up some of the things I’ve been working on.

Thank you for the read!



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