Adding sounds – Week 2

Today was the Alpha presentation day! Excitement! We saw all the games that are currently in progress, and it was amazing how creative people can be, coming up with different interpretations on the same design document. It also felt good noticing that your feedback was taken into consideration, right after the testing day.

I will write today about the sound that I implemented in the game. I will continue this post by explaining why I chose those sounds and how I implemented them. I know the last post was about programming but I am also the Lead Sound  in my team.

First things first, I will post a picture of the current state of the game so you will see how the game progressed in a week. (Heads up, the web is still represented by a placeholder).

new moth.JPG

I think that the game is already shaped (more or less) into our interpretation of the Design Document.

Now I will go back to talking about the sounds.

This is the current background noise. It is a combination of an old vinyl being played on a megaphone, frog noises and cricket noises. I chose this as background because I think it fits in the, gloomy, mysterious forest. The choice for cricket and frog sounds are obvious but in order to mix them together, I had to throw in some ambient. I went for the vinyl sound because, it is not perceived as a vinyl in this case. I think it makes the experience more interesting. Sure, I have to work on the pitch of the sounds (as someone suggested today in class) and maybe go with another option because it is still work in progress. I mixed them together using Audacity and I was more than pleased of how it ended up.

This is the sonar sound! It is an actual sample of what the bat sonar sounds like. Because of my poor audio mixing and editing skills, it can be hardly heard if you are not using headphones. I chose this because I think it brings more authenticity to the game and also it is not a sound that grabs a lot of attention, giving more attention to the art of the game and to the background noises, which blend together.

The game still lacks a lot of sounds, but I wanted to share this because I just started playing with sounds and I will bring you along the journey.

Don’t be afraid to give me some ideas for the sounds in the comments, in fact, I will appreciate them.


One thought on “Adding sounds – Week 2

  1. Alexandru explains in his blogpost about the sounds he created for their game. He also included clips of the sound so that we could hear exactly what the outcome of the week has brought. I think this was a good post because it is a clear “What, How and Why”. As lead sound on my team, I think the sounds are a good start, but could be worked on a bit more, especially the background noise. I would consider looking up more about mixing, either in unity, or in audacity as that was the program specified.
    Overall I think this was an informative post, and it was pleasant to read.


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